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We visit Pagani Automobili - Modena (2019)

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

We have always been drawn to Pagani. Except for the obvious reason that these cars are moving works of art, much of the attraction is due to the design philosophy and the personal story of Horatio Pagani, the man behind this iconic 20 year old brand.

There are many references on the internet to the fact that Pagani regards each of his cars as an art work. Each one is bespoke and hand made in their new factory near Modena, in the heart of what Italians refer to as Motor Valley. Pagani takes much of his inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci resulting in cars that are the perfect balance between engineering tech and art!

We were delighted to be invited to visit the new Pagani Automobili facility in Modena. The museum tells the Pagani story - a story of a small boy who has drawn and designed from a very young age. Many of his early drawings and models are on display and it is obvious to see that the attention to detail evident in all Pagani cars today had its origin many year ago. A spectacular collection of Zonda’s are on display in the museum - from the first test car, aptly nicknamed “Nonno” (grand-father) and which incidentally has done over a million kilometres, to a new Huayra.

Much to our delight, we were allowed to photograph the cars on display. As our FDL-technique causes minimal disruption to the usual flow of things in the museum, we could make car fine art images of the collection. (The technique allows us to photograph anywhere - even in a museum).

Interesting facts we learned:

1.) Pagani designs are modelled in wood and not clay as most other cars are.

2.) The newer Paganis have a Carbontanium tub/chassis. Carbotanium is a patented composite material invented by Modena Design, the carbon composite manufacturing and consultancy arm of Pagani.

Mr Pagani extended us the further privilege of photographing his personal Huayra. The car is called Barchetta, “small boat” and strong nautical inspired touches are evident in its bespoke design. A tour through the high tech factory, where every car is hand built and assembled left us with a new appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into every car.

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