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Car Fine Art Part 1


Photography is a journey which for us has resulted in a never-ending process of learning. The ever-changing competitive industry we work in requires continued growth not only in our technical skill set, but also in our creative expression. Photographers need to find new ways to stay ahead of the pack. All too often this growth process is equipment driven or directed by trends. Although these have merit, we have learned early in our respective journeys that great photography is often the result of the ability to see, as well as a solid understanding of the characteristics of light. Light can become the proverbial paintbrush to create works of art.

The quest to understand light created an endless opportunity to learn, to experiment, to risk mistakes and failure, but inevitably lead to growth and the Focused Diffused Lighting Technique (FDL-Lighting), used to create our collection of fine art images .

Cars are reputed to be very difficult to photograph well. The combination of reflective surfaces as well as the challenges associated with creating even soft lighting over an entire car has been the down-fall of many car-enthusiasts-turned-photographers and pro's alike.

Our desire to create fine art images of cars, was in part fuelled by the technical challenges associated with automotive photography, but mostly by a love for the shape of cars. We use our understanding of light to reveal the beauty hidden in the shapes, curves and lines. What started out as a photography project soon became an ongoing tribute to the true artists - the car designers.

As drivers and owners of cars we often only see our cars in light which will reflect everything in the surrounds in the paintwork. We seldom notice the more subtle folds and curves in the paint work.

This blog will explore the designs and the (all too often hidden) beauty…

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