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The FDL kit

The shapes and lines of cars have fascinated me since I have been a child.

When my partner and I opened our automotive studio in 2016 we ended up doing a lot of advertising and commercial photography for many car brands. Although we enjoyed this journey we were determined to take our car photography to the next level and we started playing with the idea of fine art car photography.

We wanted to create a lighting technique that brings out the shapes and details of a car’s design, in order to reveal that which tends to not be seen when we just look at at a car. This lead to the development of the technique called FDL (focused diffused lighting). The technique makes shooting on location so much easier, allowing us to focus on creating art of cars.

Our biggest challenge was finding beautiful cars and soon we realised the only way to get access to these cars is to shoot them on location or where they are. Car collections, dealerships and car museums were our best options, but that came with the limitation of working in spaces where there is a constant movement of people, where cars can’t be moved, where shoots are limited to operating hours of the location or where space is very limited.

8 Years of research and development, resulted in our compact custom-made kit which makes travel to any location worldwide, with only a small backpack of gear, a reality. We can shoot anywhere, anytime , even in small spaces with minimum disturbance to anyone.

This FDL kit is compact, easy to assemble, and the perfect size to easily handle in small spaces without sacrificing on light quality.


The handle for the scrim (diffuser) is cast from feather-lite urethane resin to save weight and improve handling.


Solid fibre rods are used to ensure the diffuser scrim is flat and free of creases.


A thicker and more more opaque fabric is used for the diffuser scrim in order to prevent unwanted hotspots.


This handle is designed to fit the the Godox AD200 or AD200 pro. It hold most remote camera triggers. This makes the shooting process easier..


The kit comes in a custom made bag, made of durable rip-stop fabric.

The kit is hand-made, by ourselves at this stage and availability is limited by a slower production process. Quotes can be requested by email at

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