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2000 Zonda C12 front view.jpg

Welcome to the official home of the FDL technique!


We are two creative individuals with a love for the shapes and lines that make up car designs. 

We have created the largest online collection of car fine art photography images.
We also offer automotive photography services and FDL technique tutorials.

2000 Zonda C12 front view.jpg

...for car lovers

Car fine art space 1.jpg



Choose from our collection of more than 400 car fine art images with a variety of usage licenses.


Each image is a work of  art,   a combination of perfect lighting and expert retouching. 



We're experienced automotive photographers, well respected for our knowledge and understanding of lighting cars in studio and on location.


We have travelled extensively locally and internationally and our FDL work has grabbed the attention of brands like Pagani, Ford, Volkswagen and Rolls Royce.

2018 Jaguar E-Pace front side view_.jpg
1958 Porsche Speedster front view-2.jpg



Learn the FDL technique from the creators of the technique, in a number of paid-for online tutorials.

2014 Ferrari 458 rear detail.jpg



2023 is going to be a year of travel to photograph beautiful cars.


Keep an eye on our blog posts for behind-the- scenes stories, as well as on our galleries for new images.

2014 Ferrari 458 rear detail.jpg
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