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About Us

We create art for car lovers

We are car lovers – not the usual petrolhead kind of car lovers, but the kind that is in love with the lines and curves in the designs of cars.

We are creatives who live for photography and the creative process that is photography. Being creative has become our way of life.

We are a team with a great set of complimentary skills. 

We are also… a couple, business partners, seasoned commercial photographers, explorers, dreamers and innovators.

Our Story

Our innovative Focussed Diffused Light lighting technique was born out of desperation. The automotive photography market was shrinking due to an increase in the use of computer generated images as well as the rise in numbers of automotive and commercial photographers. We knew that we needed to come up with something new and something eye catching to stay on top of the game. 

The FDL technique make it possible to do car fine art photography on location, without the use of big and expensive set-ups.

With the technique we optimises the relationship between shadows and highlights, which in return brings out the subtle details hidden in the shape of the car, while still rendering soft enough light to manage reflections in the paint work.

Our distinctive automotive photography style has made our Car Fine Art images much sought after by some of the world’s most iconic car brands, manufacturers, collectors and owners alike.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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