Our first FDL Livestream

Join us on 8 November 2020 at 16H00 – 18H00 approx (GMT+2).

Our distinctive FDL lighting technique has made our Car Fine Art images much sought after by some of the world’s most iconic car brands, manufacturers, collectors and owners alike.

In our live-streamed workshop we will show you how our FDL technique, optimises the relationship between shadows and highlights, which in return brings out the subtle details hidden in the shape of the car, while still rendering soft enough light to manage reflections in the paint work.

We will teach the basic principles of the technique and how to do it with equipment which you might already own, as well as the custom made modifiers we use.

We will show you a typical set-up, the camera settings and the finer details of the technique in a real live shoot.

We will host a Q&A session during the workshop and use Facebook as the Platform for the stream.

Post-production will be taught in a separate life stream during late November.

The cost to join us for the workshop is $200 payable via Paypal.

To reserve your place, kindly email us: maryna@carfineart.com

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