Car design as never seen before…..

Car design is al about the artistic use of lines, shapes and the combination  there of.   Unfortunately the design elements of cars are often hidden by the reflections of the car’s surroundings in the reflective surface of the paint work. Although reflections have a place in automotive photography such as when shooting cars on location, to truly appreciate the design elements of a car we need a light source that creates soft evenly spread light reflecting in the paint work.   Basically we need a soft light source that vignettes from a soft, bright light to very dark on the edges of the frame. The result is a matt finish on the paintwork which, if used correctly, will show the design elements with no distractions, showcasing the designer’s art as it deserves to been seen.   We were unable to source commercially available light modifiers achieve this light as described, but after working tirelessly on designing the perfect light source we finally developed a fine art lighting technique for cars.   FDL (Focussed Diffused Light) technique as we refer to it, enables us to focus soft, directional light on small area on the car to create a matt finish which keeps the attention on the design elements of the car.   We would love to get feedback from the car design industry on this lighting technique and whether it captures the design elements as they had been pre-visualized them during the design process.

Pagani Huayra rear view showing the side mirrors, exhaust system and rear badge
2018 Mclaren Senna side view showing design lines and side mirror
1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing mirror

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